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Meet the Team


On the Ground

Lindsay Cessford


Chief Executive Officer

Lindsay comes from an Events and Marketing background and after being made redundant in 2017 found her home in the world of NGOs where she has been ever since. Overseeing various projects in South Africa and Nepal.

She has extensive experience in a wide range of consumer

facing roles as well as managing a number of large builds, including being the first solo female and first international to be chosen to design and build the main art piece for AfrikaBurn in 2019. Project managing the build from design to construction. Lindsay is confident, tenacious and has a large amount of experience working on big projects delivering them on time and within budget.

A great people person who is not afraid of hard work and working in challenging communities.



Mark Nicholson

Youth Empowerment and Community Liaison Officer

Mark has been working in the community now for the last 15 years. An ex drug addict, he was on drugs between the age of 12 to when he was nearly 30 years old. He was a vagrant, collecting scrap or stealing things from people's yards to feed his habit. Mark never forgets what it felt like and since getting himself clean he works hard to try and stop this happening to other young people in Lavender Hill.

Mark or Uncle Markie as he is fondly known in the community has run the Lavender Hill Football Club (LHFC) for the last 15 years, training numerous youth within the community. He also runs the Lavender Hill Cape Carnival Dancers, Lavender Hill Netball Club and Lavender Hill LongBoard girls. He and his wife Shireen also set up a feeding kitchen at the beginning of Covid, all self funded, and it is one of the few feeding schemes still serving the community today. Mark is a great Community Leader and has taken on the position of Youth Empowerment and Community Liaison Manager and forms part of RADs Executive Management team who are working hard to create a better tomorrow for the youth of Lavender Hill.


The Board

Kyle Hutchinson



Kyle is passionate about systems change and social impact through inclusive, innovative and sustainable solutions.

He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the project, having worked with donors, governments and NGOs in the international development and global public health sectors.

He is a former healthcare professional with a strong background in sport, having studied a B.Sc degree in Sports Science and an Honors degree in Biokinetics.

Kyle Chairperson.jpeg

Director / Community Leader

Hilton Luddick is an Inspector with local government law enforcement and a highly respected member of the community. A strong Community Leader and one of the founders of Lavender Hill Football Club, (LHFC).

A passionate Manchester United fan, he is actively involved with the youth of Lavender Hill and can be found most evenings between 5pm - 7pm on Blode Street working with the coaches and the kids during football training. He assists in as many projects as he can and has actively been involved with Rise Above since the start.

Hilton Luddick

Hilton brings a wealth of knowledge, not only about the community where he lives, but also about the needs of the kids in this beautiful community and he is passionate about creating a better brighter future for the youth in Lavender Hill.

Lipalesa Moroke

Communications Director

Described as a Global Marketing Strategist, a Programme Management Professional and Consumer Behavioural Tactician with over 15 years experience in changing the narrative for multiple global organisations. Lipalesa has a long history of consistently developing youth programmes that drive lasting change through the increase of financial inclusion, connecting young people on a global scale and improving their education and overall well being. Lipalesa joins the team to help with national and international communications and give valuable insight into RAD's youth development programmes.

Michael Wright


Finance Director

After completing his articles , Michael opened his own successful accounting practice. An entrepreneurial accountant having owned numerous businesses in the past , from a gym to a franchised Renault workshop. He has also worked with and helped set up various NPOs and has been involved in fundraising and administration. Michael's role is to help RAD navigate through the minefield that is South African NPC and NPO law and ensure that all of our accounting processes and governance is in place. He will also assist with valuable fundraising efforts and the implementation of RADs sustainability plan.

Heart & Hands
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